Friday, 1 August 2014

My Mindwork Website Disappeared!

In an age where many folks worry about their internet presence lingering on long after they have shuffled off this mortal coil, and the problems with getting stuff removed from the internet that they no longer want floating around with public access, I have the opposite problem. My website at simply vanished while I was overseas on holiday!

It seems my host service company, 24/7 Hosting, based in Christchurch, has simply disappeared. Well, not on the internet, because THEIR website is there, but MY website that was hosted by them has vanished completely, and my attempts to contact them have been fruitless.

Mindwork was a semi-business website, where I not only gave information about the coaching and NLP practitioner sessions I offer, but where I also shared plenty of information about how our minds work, the therapy/personal growth process, and links to books and resources I thought folks might find useful.

Maybe it’s 6 weeks kicking around Spain and France, eating too many tapas, and drinking too much wine, or just exploring too many magnificent forts, palaces, abbeys and castles, beaches and walled cities, but when I came home to New Zealand I felt---not frustration, but almost a sense of relief regarding the website. I’ve decided to just let it go.

However, there were some worthwhile mental health and coaching articles I’d posted on that site, and I’ve decided to make minor revisions as appropriate and repost the best of these over here on my ecology blog.  Posted so far:

I am still taking the occasional client for coaching and/or NLP work, so if you live in the Wellington, NZ region and would like to make an appointment, you can contact me by email at or ring me on 027 494 8506.

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